Less is more with Neapolitan Pizza. The tomato sauce tastes like fresh tomato, the lightness of the organic “00” flour melts in your mouth, and the lightly applied toppings make for a delicious and easily digestible pizza.

Neapolitan Pizza does not have a thick or crispy crust. It is a delicate hand-made pasta that exhibits flexibility and slight char. The process of making the dough requires so much attention and care that we limit our production to small batches to ensure the hand-crafted nature of our product is never lost.

You may notice a slight aroma of smoke in the pizza due to the wood fired oven we use. When your pizza arrives it is very hot so please take a moment and enjoy the work of art in front of you before you eat it.

There are two basic ways to eat a Neapolitan Pizza. The first is with a fork and a knife. The second is with the pizza cutter on your table. The traditional way is to eat “Libretto” style by folding it in half. Either way, just enjoy it. It is an agricultural product meant to nourish you and excite your palate.