Hard Knox Pizzeria

is a Knoxville based and locally owned artisan Pizza restaurant engaged in the authentic old-world art of making Neapolitan wood-fired pizza.

At Hard Knox Our Mission is to produce the best pizza in the world by introducing our communities to the authentic old-world ways of making pizza. That is a tall task, but we believe the world is largely devoid of truly amazing pizza. At Hard Knox we have spent years perfecting our craft in the authentic old-world Italian line of the Pizzaiolo, from which all pizza in the world today is derived. Today we combine these time tested traditions of the original Pizzaiolo’s from Napoli, which date  back to the 1800’s, with our exclusive local and internationally inspired contemporary recipes. Everything at Hard Knox is fresh, never frozen, locally sourced when possible, developed in-house, made fresh every day and then cooked at over 750 degrees in our wood fired oven.

We invite you to learn more about our history here, or browse through our menu.