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Check Out Label Labs!

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Our mission at Hard Knox Pizza is to create an unforgettable culinary experience every time someone eats our food. When we heard about the Label Labs Sessions, we knew it was an experience we’d be honored to be a part of. We feel confident that their event paired with the donation of our food will create that unforgettable experience we aim for.

After interviewing Michael Branning from Label Industries here in Knoxville, it was clear the passion and heart behind the event. So what are the Label Labs Sessions? Michael described it as a way of bringing people of the community together for a greater cause. The event is a combination of featured artists, good food, and live music. Tickets are just $20.00 and proceeds from the event go toward Special Spaces, a charity committed to decorating rooms for terminally ill children and allowing them to experience something other than what they are facing.

Michael shared that he had always wanted to do charitable work in the community, but he never wanted to create an event where people felt like they had to bust out their wallet. Around the same time that Label Industries was relocating to a new warehouse (where they were creating a cool little art studio, including a stage) they met the people of Special Spaces while doing promotional work for them. The timing was all right, and it was evident they were being given an opportunity to create something different.

“My passion has always been music and entertaining. And I love the experience people get when they walk into a space and the presentation of it is a game changer.” The combination of those passions generated the concept of bringing featured artists in and having live music in Label Industries’ unique space. The musicians are people that would typically never have the chance to sing together- collaborating together, with no set list of songs and no pressure. The goal is to create an experience that you couldn’t just go out and buy a ticket for anywhere.

The atmosphere of the Label Labs Sessions is extremely laid back. It is capped at 100 people, who genuinely appreciate the artwork and what the event stands for. The event now happens quarterly with different artists and musicians each time. Label Labs Sessions has partnered with Tristar Audio to run the sound system of the event and help create this incredible music experience.

It takes $4,000 to complete a room for one of these children. Michael shared that seeing a young kid and his family come into a completed room, is so emotional. “What we deal with each day and what they deal with each day makes you take a step back and realize helping others out is the true goal of this life.” It’s a charity event without people feeling like they are just being invited because someone wants their money. The goal is to actually give guests an experience in return. Just showing up to the event makes a difference.

This Tuesday, September 25th, will be the 6th Label Labs Session with music played by Will Carter and Travis Bigwood. Since the first session, Yee-haw Brewing Company, Blackberry Farm Brewery, and Old Smokey Moonshine have been part of this event and we are excited to be joining the team!

Hard Knox Pizza could not be more proud to be donating to this cause. It is opportunities like this that allow us to be a part of community and give back. Thank you Label Labs for including us in your special event!