Chef Inspired Gourmet

Our Chef Inspired and Gourmet pies are the pinnacle of culinary pizza magic. These pies combine our culinary chops and those of local chefs in our areas. These pies are unique, flavorful and not always available.

Always On:

These pies are always on the menu. Come get them any time!

The Butch Please $12/17 – inspired by the head coach of the Tennessee Football team the Butch Please is a white pie consisting of: our house made white cream sauce, hand laid chunks of fresh mozzarella, buffalo chicken, applewood smoked bacon and topped with a blue cheese drizzle.

The BLT $12/17 – inspired and developed by our founder Dean Bastian, the BLT is a southern favorite turned into a pizza. House made white cream sauce, hand laid chunks of fresh smoked mozzarella, applewood smoked back, cherry tomatoes and then topped with fresh arugula tossed in garlic Dijon aioli.

The Barbed Wire $12/17 – inspired by southern BBQ and our GM Adam, the barbed wire combines all their is to love about pork and the south. Archers BBQ pulled pork, hand laid chunks of fresh smoked mozzarella, applewood smoked bacon, jalapenos and topped off with a bourbon reduction.

The Hawaiian $12/17 – inspired by our founder Dean Bastian for one of our monthly “specialty pizzas”, this pie takes a new twist on the classic Hawaiian pizza that only Hard Knox could pull off. House made red sauce, hand laid chunks of fresh mozzarella, your choice of pepperoni or prosciutto and our own wood-fire roasted chili-lime pineapples on top.

The Veggie $9/12 – inspired by our love of clean, fresh vegetables and our GM Adam, the veggie gives you all you want. House made red sauce, hand-laid chunks of mozzarella, spinach, red onions, sea-salt and mushrooms.


These pies are ONLY available at certain times of the year, hence the word “seasonal.” So, pay attention to Facebook and Instagram to learn when they are coming out of the oven.

The Holly $20 – inspired by our love for our friend, the Crowned Queen and Knoxville Food Goddess – Holly Hambright of Holly’s Catering, Holly’s Corner and Holly’s 135. This pie is another culinary master piece and work of fine art. We start with Holly’s homemade Cauliflower Hummus mixed with her own special Tahini Vinaigrette, then drop on Holly’s house-made Lamb meatballs which are infused with mint and thyme. Next comes diced tomatoes, onions and then topped with a helping of Holly’s own Bulgarian feta. Once it’s out of the oven we drop on helping of Arugula mixed with Tahini Vinaigrette and then topped with Cruze Farms Ricotta Chese Crumbles.

The Crown & Goose $20 – inspired by our love of The Crown and Goose and created in partnership with Chef Jeff DeAlajandro, this pie is a master piece of culinary art. Started with our house made red sauce, Crown and Goose’s own house cured lamb bacon OR venison sausage, locally grown brussels sprouts, roasted garlic, carmelized onions and then topped off with a poached duck egg from Circle V Farms , our house made white sauce drizzle and balsamic reduction.

The Festivus $20 – inspired by George from Seinfeld’s dads special holiday name, Festivus. This pie is a Christmas seasonal tradition and combines the most unique set of ingredients heard of including: strawberry sriracha base, hand laid chunks of fresh mozzarella, marinated Ashley Farms cage free chicken, sliced red onion, applewood smoked bacon, topped with cilantro and fresh strawberries.

The Hawaiian Twist/Just Peachy – $20 – inspired and developed by our founder Dean Bastian, this pizza is as hard to make as it is delicious. Hand laid chunks of smoked mozzarella base, prosciutto, fresh peaches, rosemary and topped balsamic reduction. This is a great summer pie paired with a nice summer Pilsner.

The Sasquash $20 –  inspired by Dean’s fear of the Sasquatch and his love of fall flavors such as butternut squash, this pie has: extra virgin olive oil, hand laid chunks of smoked mozzarella, butternut squash, applewood smoked bacon, sliced red onion, topped with fresh sage.

The Cuban Punch $20 – inspired by great Cuban food and one of our employees, Daniel Burleson, and his love affair with his own house made pickles. This pie has our house made white cream sauce, swiss cheese, Archers BBQ pulled pork, prosciutto, topped with house made pickles and house made mustard aioli.

The Dirty South $20 – inspired by Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness in South Knoxville, and it’s heritage as “The Dirty South.” This pie was developed by our GM, Adam Isabell, for a special fundraising night for the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club, the local non-profit responsible for the emergence of Knoxville as an outdoor city, specifically for Mountain Biking. The Dirty South pie starts with EVVO, Provolone Cheese, then layering our in-house Beer Soaked Onions and Beer Brats. Once out of the oven we top the pie with Sauerkraut and Mustard Aioli. Yes, it’s amazing!

The Cure $20 – inspired by our friends and local Knoxville Food blogging superstars from Knox Foodie, The Cure is our first “Fan Inspired” pie and is another culinary masterpiece. Our friends love “preservation” – the entire process, and art, of curing and preserving foods. So, we start with house-made Arugula Pesto with Pistachios, next comes Havarti Cheese, Prosciutto and then wait for it……….. Preserved Lemons, Red Onions and finished off with Balsamic drizzle. Don’t be fooled, this pie enlightens your taste buds.