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Chef David Ferguson

December has been an exciting month at Hard Knox! One of our favorite parts has been our time and partnership with Chef David Ferguson! We believe that the craftmanship of a pizza is exciting and fun. And because we love the craft of pizza so much, experiences like our time with Chef David quickly become some of our greatest growing opportunities. Chef David and his [...]

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Meet Quan Evans!

If you know him, you love him- our Kitchen Manager, Quan Evans, is one of a kind! Quan is loyal, determined, team oriented, humble, extremely smart, and one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. Quan’s journey at Hard Knox began when he was still in high school. Our owner Alexa had developed a program through Austin East High School called “The School of [...]

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Meet Hardin Valley’s General Manager- Grace!

This week we have the special privilege of introducing you to our Hardin Valley General Manager- Grace McMichael!  Grace is a special soul that has a large impact on both our customers and employees. This week we spoke with both Grace and owner Alexa Sponcia to gain a better insight into what makes Grace such a crucial part of Hard Knox. Grace was actually Alexa’s [...]

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Emma Carver’s 3 year Anniversary!

This past Tuesday was a very special day at Hard Knox! We celebrated Emma Carver’s 3 year anniversary of being a part of the Hard Knox team! Emma has been an integral piece of our restaurant since 2015, when she stumbled upon Hard Knox on Yelp while looking for somewhere to grab dinner with a friend. From the moment she walked in the doors to [...]

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