//Year 3 of Hard Knox

Year 3 of Hard Knox

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We spent the month of June reminiscing on year 3 of Hard Knox Pizza!

Year 3 at Hard Knox was what we call the year of consistency. Dean and Jill Bastian described year 3 as being anti-climatic. There were no crazy changes. There were no huge obstacles faced. And there no moments of celebration, outside of the usual.

Things at Hard Knox were steady. Business was good. Dean and Jill were continually working long days and nights, dedicated to making the restaurant the best it could be. Small changes to the décor of the restaurant continued to be made, as well as implementing small changes on the menu to best serve the community. But for the most part throughout year 3, the customers were satisfied and so was the Hard Knox crew! Leaving things nice and consistent.

And while year 3 was one in which not much changed, every year was a critical piece to the puzzle in Hard Knox getting to the ten year anniversary. So we celebrate year 3- the year of steady consistency- being what makes Hard Knox what it is today!