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The Farmer’s Pie

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Who is ready to try the Hard Knox June special?! Introducing “The Farmer’s Pie!”

“The Farmer’s Pie” is based with our unique house-made white sauce followed by layers of fresh mozzarella and our ricotta cheese blend. The combination of caramelized garlic, fresh thyme, tomatoes and microgreens will leave your taste buds wanting more!

“The Farmer’s Pie” was created to compliment and highlight local produce here in Knoxville! At Hard Knox we love being able to support local farmers. Owner Alexa Sponcia and one of Hard Knox’s leaders Grace McMichael developed “The Farmer’s Pie” with the hope of creating a special pie truly devoted to supporting locals!

Every “Farmer’s Pie” is made with tomatoes from 2 Chicks and a Farm as well as Microgreens from Knox City Farm. It is an honor to work with both of these farms and their produce certainly helps us achieve our mission of creating an unforgettable culinary experience through pizza!

Come to either Hard Knox location for the entire month of June to enjoy this delicious special!