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A Noether Tasty Pi

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Get excited, our March special is our FIRST EVER customer made special!! We asked for your ideas and Julie Coder won!!!  “A Noether Tasty Pi” is a special you won’t want to miss out on!

So what exactly did Julie come up with? A tasty house made fig and balsamic jam base, followed by Hard Knox’s homemade ricotta blend and layered with fresh mozzarella cheese, and then a caramelized garlic drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Cooked to perfection at 750 degrees inside Hard Knox’s woodfire oven, the pie is then topped with sliced prosciutto and arugula.

The combination is unique and absolutely delicious. After the pizza had been created, we asked Julie to name her pizza… and “A Noether Tasty Pi” was the final verdict! The name was inspired by Julie and her husband’s love for math and science. As Julie is a chemist/chemistry teacher and her husband is an aerospace engineer, they thought it was only fitting.

March is Women’s History Month, as well as the month that hosts international “Pi Day.” So, Julie wanted to honor both of those things by naming the pizza after a female mathematician. Emmy Noether was a German mathematician who made significant contributions to abstract algebra and theoretical physics! “A Noether Tasty Pi” gives tribute to Emmy Noehter as well as Pi Day, in a creative and fun way!

Because of Julie’s passion for math and science, Hard Knox has agreed to donating a portion of all proceeds from each “A Noether Tasty Pi” pizza to Girls Inc Operation Smart. “A program designed to provide hands-on experiences with math, science and technology. It builds girls’ skills with activities that give girls the opportunity to explore, ask questions and solve problems through projects, games and exploration.” Hard Knox is humbled to donate a portion of the this month’s special proceeds to this program!

From the bottom of our hearts over at Hard Knox Pizza, thank you Julie Coder for your ideas and creation, your passion and heart, and your time with us! We are so excited for our customers to try “A Noether Tasty Pi!”