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Chef David Ferguson

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December has been an exciting month at Hard Knox! One of our favorite parts has been our time and partnership with Chef David Ferguson! We believe that the craftmanship of a pizza is exciting and fun. And because we love the craft of pizza so much, experiences like our time with Chef David quickly become some of our greatest growing opportunities.

Chef David and his wife, Danielle, own a private event and personal chef service here in Knoxville! Family Meal by Chef David Ferguson services includes private dinners, weekly meal preps delivery to home or office, and catering.

We were honored to have Chef David’s culinary expertise in the kitchen with us. He brought us a new energy and new insight that we can’t wait to implement into our stores.

We talked to Chef David’s wife about their experience’s and what it was like for him while working with Hard Knox! They shared that while they were only at Hard Knox for a short period of time, it was an extremely positive experience! Chef David expressed the team being really great to work with and that he was really pleased with how well his recipes turned out. He was happy that they all turned out how he intended them too!

All in all, it was easy to work with Hard Knox. They expressed the employees of Hard Knox being friendly, personable, and accommodating which made it a joy to work with them. Chef David and his wife feel as though it is always a great opportunity to partner with other food scenes in Knoxville, and they were really thankful for one of those partnerships to be with Hard Knox!

We are equally as thankful for our partnership with Chef David! Thank you for bringing your expertise to out kitchen and sharing our love for the craft of unforgettable food!