The Festivus!

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December is a month full of family, good food, and traditions! One of our favorite traditions at Hard Knox Pizza is our December special- The Festivus!

Every December for the last eight years, we have stayed true to The Festivus’ unique recipe that our founder, Dean Bastian, created.  With a strawberry balsamic sriracha base, layered with  fresh mozzarella and marinated chicken, and topped with applewood smoked bacon, red onion, fresh strawberries, and cilantro, The Festivus not only looks like a Christmas pizza, but tastes like it too!

When Dean was looking to create a December special several years ago, he was aiming to create just that- a pizza that both looked and tasted like Christmas. He wanted to create something unusual and unique but that felt like the holidays.

While he knew what he wanted to accomplish, getting the exact combination of ingredients took some trial and error. Whenever Dean was working on a special, he always did a lot of research to get inspiration. He wouldn’t research pizzas, but rather combinations of foods that he could turn into a pizza. Eventually he landed on the combination of these ingredients!  The strawberries brought the red and the cilantro brought the green, not only completing the taste, but completing the Christmas look too!

The combination of this pizza is unique, surprising, and delightful!

The name The Festivuswas inspired by the famous TV show “Seinfeld” because Dean thought it would be fun to pay a little tribute to the show and the name Festivus.

If you haven’t already, celebrate Christmas early with us by bringing your family to a Hard Knox location and enjoy our December special, The Festivus!