The Calzone!

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It’s officially October which means it’s time to announce a new monthly special! 

For the entire month of October, we are bringing you The Calzone. But not just any calzone, the Hard Knox Calzone!

Hard Knox use to have calzones on our daily menu. We believe that every single item on our menu needs to be exceptional, so when we felt like our calzones weren’t as great as we wanted them to be, we removed them from our menu. 

Fast forward a little bit, to when owners Paul and Alexa Sponcia were eating at a pizza restaurant in San Diego, California. They quickly noticed that this restaurant’s calzones were unique. Everything was outside of the calzone rather than inside of it. They immediately felt that mimicking this calzone would be a way to bring an exceptional calzone back to the Hard Knox menu. At Hard Knox we are always looking for ways to keep Knoxville innovative. So we took the idea behind this calzone and created one that fit into Hard Knox. 

As soon as Alexa got home from San Diego, she go to work with Hard Knox employee Adam Isabell. Together the two came up with this delicious recipe!

The crust of this calzone is the same Hard Knox dough you all know and love. The inside of the calzone is filled with a savory combination of fresh mozzarella and ricotta blend, and of course marinara sauce. Once the calzone is done cooking, we top it with prosciutto and arugula. The final touches are a sprinkle of EVOO and the drizzling of our balsamic reduction. Putting the arugula and prosciutto on top of the calzone, created a calzone that looked prettier and tasted even better than any of the calzones Hard Knox had ever created before. 

At Hard Knox we are always looking for new and creative ways to provide an unforgettable culinary experience. We feel as though The Calzone will do just that! Get it while you can! Stop into either location, any day, for the entire month of October to try this delicious creation. You will not be disappointed.